Simplicity is Elegance

A Minimalist Christmas

November 25, 2018
minimalist xmas cover

Winter is charming yes ! But it also means changing your car  tires, changing your summery wardrobe, warming up the house to stay warm, buying the kids cold medicine,  paying for new ski equipment  and more!  Consequently, winter also means ” New expenses ” ! Even worst,  getting  everyone a Christmas  present and dressing up for all the parties also adds up considerably !

Now , how about changing it up a bit to save up on the holidays this year?

Here are 5  things I believe can help you save up and avoid extra expenses this Christmas. 
  1.  Use the old newspaper to wrap your presents. Recycle ! they’ll torn it apart anyways and it looks really charming and artsy!



2-Have a minimalist tree and don’t waist a lot on the biggest guy out there ! Small trees are cuter in many ways !



3-Dress up a Nice pair of  denim for the office party. Don’t waist on a completely new  outfit. Take your old denim and spend on a new top only.  Even better ! Try the thrift shops. Find something vintage with sequins or just a pair of statement earrings on an all black look. Don’t spend your money on a dress you’ll only wear once.

look 2

4- Keep it real simple in the house. Don’t buy anything. Go outside, find yourself a fallen branch and there you go. Add a few candles and dinner is ready !


5- Make your OWN everything. DIY with the family or alone, and save up. Get a few good branches, a metal circle at the art shop and create your own holiday deco!

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Create moments ! Make the Christmas tree with the family, Prepare food with the little ones, go for a snowy walk with a hot chocolate, make a snow man in the yard or play board games with your besties., Enjoy these free gifts, they’re worth more than anything and they don’t cost a thing !

Good memories are solid Gold.

On that note, have a lovely Christmas time , and remember the best things don’t cost a thing !


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