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Havana Cubà !

November 15, 2017

A destination you have to explore. It’s not uncommon you have to get out of the resorts to properly feel the essence of the country you‘re visiting. In this case particularly, I do recommend planning an excursions to Havana, separately from your Cuban all-inclusive hotel if you’re in for the real deal and don’t mind scarifying the the clear blue shores of Varadero. After a short stay in the town of Varadero, my girlfriend and I had gathered all the information we needed and were now ready to hit the town of Havana. Camera ready, the rhythm of Cuban music was already making it’s way into our veins. We were so ready to hit those authentic streets and capture the real Cuban energy.

Jess and I. Double Jess on the PLAYA in Varadero._M3A8768 copy_M3A9374 copy

Jess Wearing my latest @hermustlimited swimwuit Emy._M3A9378 copy

DIARY pages:

November 10th , I wake up completely drenched in my bed. I’m in Varadero, ending the first part of the trip. I’ve seen the clear blue water, the white sand, and the City of Havana is our next Stop.

My throat is under so much pain and I cannot hold myself up. Fever has taken over my body. I was hardly able to swallow and my tonsils were so swollen and inflamed. It got so bad I had no other choice than to call the hotel doctors before catching the bus.

At 9 am, the doctor came up to the room with her assistant. Both looking like they were dressed with old Halloween costumes ! Wearing bright pink leggings, a leopard blouse, some high heel platform sandals and a white doctors blouse over it all to give it some credibility. Her Assistant, dressed in an all white nurse uniform, carrying a white plastic briefcase with a big red cross on it that looked similar to the one I got on my 7th birthday with my doctor kit. Was very “sketchy” to say the least,  but I got my antibiotics and hopped on the bus for an the two hours ride to the  old Town.

Everything got back on track when we arrived in Havana!


Me in front of the Grand Manzana Kempinski Hotel on the center square of the old town._M3A0615 copy

The roof top pool and terrasse of the hotel where we had a nice drink for sunset.Kempinsky_hotel_havana_hermust_M3A0556 (1) copy

The Sevilla Hotel where me and the other Jess had coffee while listening to the live band cuban musicians.1M3A0872 copy

The Traditional old American Cars of the Cuban streets.FullSizeRender (1) copy




Some facts about Cuba.

-60 % of tourism in Cuba comes from Canada ! So, hurray ! We canadians love the place !

– Cuba is known for its rhum, cigars and sugar cane production and used to sustain the country with these natural resources. Nowadays, tourism is the main revenue of the country.

-Population is very mixt. Because of many different cross immigrations, some Cubans will have blond hair blue eyes. Others have darker skin and some more even have Chinese origins.

-Cuba is a Dictatorship. It’s a communist totalitarian country. Almost everything belongs to the government. United states are not allowed having financial exchanges with the country. United States have an embargo against Cuba.

-Because Cuba has not met the conditions required, and after Cuba signed a trade agreement with the Soviet Union during Kennedy’s presidency, the former president signed the proclamation of the “blockage”, in 1962, establishing the embargo against Cuba to reduce the threat posed by its alignment with the communist powers.

Jess posing on that beautiful Balcony at the Florida Hotel.

_M3A0245 copy

_M3A0260 copy1M3A0290


El Cocinero, the restaurant bar, and good nightlife spot._M3A1210



_M3A1239 copy

Café O’reilly

_M3A0359IMG_3665 copy

The Saratoga Hotel

_M3A0636 Hotelsaratoga


Hotels where you should Stay in HAVANA.

  • Mercure Sevilla
  • Manzana Kempinsky
  • Hotel Plaza
  • Saratoga Hotel
  • San Antonio’s Hotel
  • Sant Ambos Hotel.


 Restaurants you must try in HAVANA.

  • La guarida $$$
  • Cha Cha Cha $$$
  • Pazillo $$
  • El Cocinero $
  • Fabrica De Arte Cubano $$
  • The kempinsky for drinks on the Rooftop. $$$

The Pink facade of the Ambos Mundos Hotel.

ambosmundos_hermust_havana  Havana Jessica metni hermust

_M3A0260 copyIMG_1067UMYO9491

Hotel San Antonio’s. Boutique Hotel style !

ocho-at-hotel-havana ocho

_M3A1160 copy

_M3A0745 _M3A1021 _M3A8798 copy _M3A9874 copy 1M3A0195 copy IMG_3116 copy

It’s now your time to ENJOY the real essence of Cubà ! HAVANA is full of ancestral buildings, old authentic streets, warm people, good salsa music and great Rhum !  Definitely worth visiting!